It’s Easy To Make Home-Made Spicy Mustard

On sausage, on hotdogs, definitely on pastrami, on french fries sometimes, in beef tartare, on warm pretzels, once on fried chicken, and always on my burger, mustard is definitely one of my top rated condiments, so why am I not making it myself?  I’m not quite sure why,well I am, but I wasn’t, but now I am.   At first, the thought of making my own mustard seemed the smallest bit daunting.  I felt like it was going to be some intricate timely process, but it wasn’t.  It’s really easy, and it only takes about five days.  The hardest part of making mustard was finding the mustard seeds, the brown ones in particular.  I found them on Amazon for about eight bucks a pound.  I feel like I could maybe find them cheaper than that with further research.  Also, try asking your local grocery if they can order some for you.

I started with a 1 qt mason jar.  I like the mason jar because it has a nice tight seal.  Fill the mason jar with 1/4 cup brown mustard seeds, 1/4 cup yellow mustards seeds, 1 T mustard powder, 1T minced onion, 1 T chopped thyme.  Add 1 cup of a beer of your choosing, I used Damnation from the Russian River Brewing Co.  I recommend trying a couple pints first just to make sure it’s good.  Seal the jar and soak overnight in the cooler.

Blend with 1/2 cup of vinegar(cider or white wine), 1 T salt and 1T sugar.  The more you blend it the more it goes from whole grain mustard towards Dijon looking mustard.  I like it somewhere in between.  Place back into mason jar, seal, and store on shelf room temperature for four days.  After four days, taste.  If it’s not spicy enough for you, then let it sit for another day or two.  Otherwise, your mustard is complete.  Pretty damn easy, and delicious.


~ by Anotherfoodbloghuh? on March 15, 2011.

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