This blog is about kitchen life.  If it happens in a kitchen, then it might be in this blog.  Hopefully, you will have a better understanding of life In the Kitchen after reading this blog.  From chef profiles to recipes, food photos, ridiculous things that waiters say, cooking techniques, line cook testimonials, and whatever else happens in the kitchen, this blog will have it all.  But, whatever happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen…no wait, that’s Vegas–so we’re good.  This blog will appeal to the professional chef and the novice cook.  Hopefully, we’ll have something for everyone.

I, Scott Graf, am the author.  I have been cooking professionally for over 10 years, and have recently started studying journalism at San Francisco State University.  Besides cooking, writing and tellings stories sounds like fun, so I’m going to give it a try.  This is my first attempt at a real, working blog.  Sure I signed up a couple times before, wrote one post and then never touched it again.  But this time it’s for real, and class credit.  I am a sous chef at a San Francisco restaurant.  I spend days in the kitchen playing with my food, and my nights in school writing about it.

I grew up in New Orleans and established a passion for food early in life.  Not long ago I was home and my fiance and I were eating at a cafe that had a quote written around the top of the wall surrounding the room.  It read– in most of the world people eat to live, but in New Orleans, people live to eat.  It is true.  While eating one meal, the New Orleanian must talk about and plan what the next meal will be.  I am fortunate enough to come from a place that recognizes the importance of flavor and gastrosatisfaction.  Delicate is not a word in the vocabulary of New Orleans cuisine.  Who Dats like a whole lot of flavor, yeah you right!  This blog will offer similar flavor.

Oh yeah, some of the stuff that happens In the Kitchen aint exactly P.C. so if F bombs,third degree burns, stories of sexual promiscuity, and knife injuries scare you, this might not be the blog for you.


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  1. Love your picture, love the intro, love the fact that we are both doing food blogs.

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